This week at Porter HQ we decided to turn it up a notch and test our products to max capacity! We drove a car into a suitcase, dropped it from a double story car park, played luggage pinyata covered it in coca cola, baby food milk, dropped a water melon, 10 kg weight... WHY????? Well that is the question, we want to show our audience our products are not just aesthetically pleasing. We believe we are on a mission to end SH!T luggage by giving our customers quality & style. We recently went to Frankfurts ILM luggage fair where the worlds top luggage brands exhibit. What stood out the most is that most luggage brands are not offering anything knew. We felt the consumer was no represented, therefore our goal is to build the biggest online community and design & build products for them.


We filmed a series of 8 videos which we will be releasing over the course of the next few weeks, stay tuned and please comment and share. What do you think could be the biggest test we put our products through? 

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