We recently had the opportunity to attend the International Luggage and Leather Goods Fair (ILM) in Frankfurt, and it was truly an enriching experience. The fair showcased an extensive range of luggage products, from sleek travel suitcases to durable backpacks and everything in between. Iconic  Brand such as  Porsche design, American Tourist, Samsonite, Tumi, Horizon Studios. We flew in from Palma de Mallorca and stayed nearby in a Melia Hotel.  The show was based in Offenbach roughly 15 minute taxi ride from the centre of Frankfurt.  As we entered we where welcomed by an array of the worlds biggest luggage brands.


DB giphy

DB - Exhibit 

One of the highlights of the fair was witnessing the innovation and creativity within the industry. Designers and manufacturers from around the world presented their latest collections, incorporating cutting-edge materials and technologies to enhance both style and functionality.  We particularly love the colloboative partnerships that saw some of the top brands collaborate with various unique colections such as Herschel x Liberty. 

Herschel x Liberty

Herschel x Liberty of London


It was fascinating to see how luggage has evolved to meet the evolving needs of modern traveler's. Moreover, the fair provided valuable insights into upcoming trends in travel gear. From eco-friendly materials to smart luggage equipped with GPS tracking and charging ports, there was no shortage of innovative solutions aimed at making travel more convenient and sustainable. 

Overall, attending the ILM fair in Frankfurt was an enlightening experience. It not only showcased the latest trends and innovations in luggage but also served as a platform for networking and collaboration within the industry. I look forward to attending future editions of the fair and witnessing the continued evolution of the luggage industry.


Lots of love Dani & Josh

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