We started the day early on 11th of April in Sineu, Mallorca. We prepared the shoot with a full plan from start to finish - mooboarding fashion & art direction.  We used a local photographer called Jonathan Hornos who is from Palma de Mallorca. The two models Lachlan & Melissa also based on the island have experience in shooting. We started the day arriving around 10:00 am and getting a feel for the location. We used the implemented plan to shoot through our visual story

1. Enters the location ( Looking lost)

2. Unpacks car ( Sense of emotion) 

3. Sets the mood - Lunch unpacking - Cute picnic style lunch setting

4. Relaxing, unwinding, reading 

5. Chilling by the pool

6. Picnic scene in the Garden

7. Packing

8. Departure

This rough plan became the storyboard of a young couple on their holidays. The emotion of the brand was important as we identify our customers to embrace personality, be bold & live life.  We shot the entire day on 35mm film which we absolutely love! See more results on our Instagram. 


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