2024 - Out of the Blocks - A message from our Founder

2024 - Out of the Blocks - A message from our Founder
The year started with cold & flu, although waking up on January the 1st without a hangover felt like a result. We sat down and put the goals for 2024 on paper. This year is about manifesting our dreams ( So cliche). I feel like writing this blog about everything happening with the brand holds me accountable so here goes.


Wow my handwriting is awful!


I feel like ideas come in ebs & and flows but the new year has brought a wave of ideas (more tailored towards content creation) but that is a first for me. I will not drone out this blog with the misery of being a sole founder but it does take its toll when you need to be enthusiastically creative but also efficient with the mundane. The ideas in the New Year feel true to brand, as we look at this year's calendar. I won't give much away but the Olympics is on the horizon and we are looking to do a luggage sponsorship for a few athletes. More will be revealed.

I was listening to Friendly Fires this week, the song Hawaiian air reminded me of Ed Mcfarlane's dancing at Glastonbury 2011 at roughly 28 minutes in this video Hawaiian dances come on stage and the crowd erupts. How does this relate to a luggage brand? Well it made me think again about the purpose behind the brand. The reason we started the brand was because we felt the luggage market was boring and unreflective of the Ed Mcfarlane types in this world. Luggage brands can be fun too? There used to be so much flair around aviation as the archives suggest. I cant help but feel today aviation is stripped of its creativity and positive energy as you get onboard a Ryanair flight with questionable colour blue & yellow colour coordination on the interior. We cannot complain about the fare costs, but getting onboard a plane these days can make you feel disconnected from the journey.


Retro Airline Stickers

Horizon 🌅

From my days of crossing oceans, the horizon may feel far away but did you know the eye can only see up to 5 kilometres ahead. At my current Strava pace that is around 27 minutes. My point being I know this year will fly by, holding some accountability for the day-to-day and being more open on all platforms is how I intend to start the year. I believe all powerful brands are founder led so in honour of that I am starting the new year strong, being more open with the journey and proud to be building Britains next big luggage brand. Feel free to connect over message if you have any questions or insight always happy to connect.

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