SINCE 1948

Herbert Mingo served during the Second World War as an aircraft engineer, he would commute via train all over the U.K. Railway Porters were employed during the 1950's their role was to assist passengers at railway stations by handling the loading and distribution of luggage. This is when Herbert was made aware of the inefficiencies of luggage transportation, and the idea of the "portable porter" came about. Using his engineering experience from the war he took his idea to the workshop. The result was a device consisting of a metal bracket, two wheels and a strong textile/leather handle.


Fast forward to 2020, Herbert's grandson decided to open the archives and take Herbert's vision further. As a team of explorers, our vision at Portable Porter is to reimagine travel, making feel-good moments seamless, sustainable, and ready for whichever trips come your way. We believe travel is good for the soul, inspiring us to do more every day, pushing us out of our comfort zones, and connecting communities around the world. That's why our luggage is built to last, collaborating with the best manufacturers, suppliers, and travel-centric designers, to create travel companions that will be with you forever.